Why did the client not want to listen to the idea of the woman's being in his life? What was he in search of?  

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teacher2011 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The client is in search of his assailant from many years ago. Essentially, he is driven to seek an astrologer because he wants to find who did it was and he wants to know where he is, presumably to seek revenge. We later learn the assailant was the astrologer. The astrologer, as the narration tells us, should be living a comfortable life on the family farm. However, after a fight in which the astrologer brutally assaulted someone, he had to flee his region. The astrologer believed that he had killed the man and therefore had to make a new life for himself.
robertdeath | Student

It is in human nature to sort out the priorities of their life. For guru nayak his main priority was to find the person who had tried to kill him, for the simple reason of taking revenge. Also, he always doubted most people (as is evident from the story), so he wanted to test wether the person really did know astrology. He considered the 'there is a woman in your life' quote to be one of their catch lines(commonly used lines to please people), which it was. So, he did ot want to listen to the idea of the woman's bieng in his life.


Either way, we don't know wether the author has potrayed guru nayak as a married man, so we cannot exactly state that one would like to hear somebody else's advice in extremely personal matters.

vis6798 | Student

the client do not want to listen to the idea of the womens being in his life because he was having a deep feeling to take revenge from that man who had attempted to murder him.he was in search of the the man who staved him and threw him into a well.


jannatrokzndrulez | Student

actually,the client didnot care if the astrologer had any woman in his life or not.what he cared was for himself and his intersest and his search.he was searching for a man who tried to kill him years ago at the time when he was young and now he wants to take revenge from him.at the end the author reveals that the man the client was in search of, was the astrologer.


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