Why did the citizens resist the truth, even when it was in front of them?

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Elie and his family are from a sect of Hasidic Jews.  These Jewish people believe very strongly in God.  Most of the people accepted whatever happened to them as God's decision and did not question what was going to happen.

When the foreign Jews were expelled from Sighet, one Jew stated, " What do you expect?  That's war..."  and thing went back to normal. (pg 6)

When Moishe the Beadle returned from this removal and told the people that he was saved by an act of God and that the soldiers had killed everyone who had been removed they ignored him.  He tells Elie that he came back to warn all of the Jews so they could prepare, but no one will listen to him.  They think he is crazy.  He eventually stopped and again things went back to "normal."

The Jewish people did not believe that God would let these things happen.  They did not believe that Hitler could ever harm them.  Even when the Germans rolled into town the Jewish people tried to turn a blind eye to what was going on and tried to simply keep out of the way of the Germans. 

As Elie says when the people are eventually moved into the Ghetto that, "The ghettos were not ruled by the Germans or the Jews; it was ruled by delusion." (pg 12)