Why did Chris decide to settle down in Bullhead City?What significance did this city hold and why did it attract McCandless?

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In Chapter Five of Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild, the time that Chris McCandless spent in Bullhead City, Arizona is examined as much as possible.  Unfortunately, no one knows exactly what attracted McCandless, who went by his real name during his time in Bullhead City, to that place.  McCandless did end up spending at least two months in that location.

During his time in Bullhead City, McCandless adopted a "surprinsingly conventional existence, even going so far as to open a savings account at a local bank."  The young man was hired by McDonald's and was a good employee, except for the facts that he refused to work quickly, no matter how many customers were waiting, he hated to wear socks, and he had very poor hygience at first.  McCandless was even fortunate enough to be given a place to stay in "a house trailer, furnished, with some of the electric sockets working and a lot of living space."


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