Why did Caroline move into a new apartment building before April arrived?  

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Caroline is April's grandmother. When April lived with her mother, she had visited her grandmother in a different apartment--a one-bedroom apartment. When April comes to stay with Caroline because her mother, Dorothea, is "on tour," Caroline has moved into a different apartment building, the Casa Rosada. It is a rather old-fashioned building, which to April is much more appealing than the "tiny supermodern apartment" Caroline had lived in before. The reason Caroline moved is so that April could have her own bedroom. This perturbs April because she doesn't think she'll be staying long enough with Caroline to need a room of her own. April's mother had told her she'd only be staying with her grandmother "for a little while." The fact that Caroline moved to a larger apartment in order to accommodate April foreshadows that April will be staying there longer than Dorothea has told her daughter, which turns out to be the case. Readers understand that Dorothea had probably told Caroline something different than she told April. This foreshadows to readers that Dorothea is not honest with April and doesn't really want to have April back with her anytime soon. 

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