Why did Bud want to meet his father?

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Bud is an orphan who is living during the Depression. Needless to say, Bud has a rather rough life. He hates the orphanage, and has been in and out of various foster homes, none of which he enjoyed. Bud lost his mother when he was only six years old, and carries around several items that she left behind. Among those items that Bud carries with him in his suitcase are five flyers that depict Herman E. Calloway and his band performing at various locations. Bud is convinced that Herman is his father. Bud is obviously sick of being kicked out of various foster homes and does not want to live on the street. Bud is not only looking for a home to stay at, but he is also looking for a family member who can care for him like his mother used to. Bud is obsessed with the idea that Herman is his biological father. If Bud can locate his father, they can bond and have a loving relationship. Also, Bud would no longer have to worry about where he would be sleeping at night, or where his next meal would come from.

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