Why did Britain look for the colonies as a source of revenue?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The British looked to the colonies as a source of revenue for various reasons. The British believed in the Mercantile System.  The basis of this system was for the country owning the colonies to benefit from having those colonies. Therefore, laws were established to help Britain benefit from having colonies.  For example, shipping had to be done on British ships. This would benefit British shippers. Also, certain products could only be bought from Britain.  This would benefit British merchants.

Another reason for having colonies was so British industry could grow. The British needed raw materials to make products in their industries.  They could get these raw materials cheaper from their colonies than they could by purchasing them from other countries.  Then, once the products were manufactured, they would be sold in the colonies giving British merchants a profit.

The British wanted the colonies to provide revenue for their empire.