Why did Britain change during the industrial revolution of 1750-1900?

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One of the big changes in Britain during the industrial revolution was the movement of people from low paying farms to better paying factory jobs.  The move was made from necessity to feed families.  Farm labourers were lured in because of the number of jobs the cities held.  During this time housing facilities were being built very quickly and poorly.  Many families had to live in two room apartments with no running water or indoor plumbing.  Child labour was utilized in the cities.  The children were sometimes working as young as 5 years old. They made little money and were treated badly.

This was also a time a positive change for the country.  Britain became a leading nation in industry.  Due to this, the country's financial status improved.  As Britain's finances grew and improved people were able to educate themselves better.  This lead to new technology and  innovations in medicine which allowed for better overall health of citizens.

During the Industrial Revolution fashion became more complex because of the invention of the sewing machine and the use of patterns.  "Women's fashion began to balloon out with ruffles, decorations and petticoats."

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