Why did the boy not run away when the woman finally let go of his neck?

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Immediately after Roger attempts to steal Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones's pocketbook, she grabs him by the neck and proceeds to drag him home in order to prevent him from running away. While Mrs. Jones drags Roger to her home, she asks Roger if he has washed his face or eaten dinner this evening. Mrs. Jones's questions reveal that she is a concerned adult and is not particularly interested in punishing the boy. Roger must be feeling shocked that the woman is more concerned about his well-being than she is about informing the authorities regarding his attempted robbery. It is only after Mrs. Jones drags Roger into her home that she lets go of his neck. Once she lets go of Roger, she instructs him to head to the sink and wash his face. After briefly looking at the door and contemplating running away, Roger decides to walk to the sink and wash his face.

While Hughes does not explicitly reveal...

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