Why did the Boston Massacre have a negative impact on the relationship between the British and the colonists?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Boston Massacre had a negative effect on the relationship between the colonists and the British. There had been disagreements with the British before the Boston Massacre. The colonists protested using nonviolent methods. The British never responded with military force. With the Boston Massacre, this all changed. For the first time, a dispute with Britain ended with colonial blood being shed. For some people, this was a turning point.

People in Boston never liked having the British army there. They felt the soldiers treated them disrespectfully. They believed the soldiers used their uniform to force their will upon the residents of Boston. Now, with the British soldiers firing upon the colonists, the dislike and distrust grew between each group. The colonists now felt they couldn’t trust the British or their soldiers. There was concern more violence would occur. This eventually happened in April, 1775. The Boston Massacre negatively impacted the relationship between the colonists and the British.