In Shiver, why did Beck create new young werewolves, willing or not. What did he need them for if he knew this was his last time as a human?

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Beck realized that it was his last year as a human, and that the pack was dwindling in numbers. In order for them to continue to survive, they would need new wolves to keep the house running for those who had limited time left. He explains to Sam, "the pack needs protectors still able to change" (188). Since humans don't know about the werewolves, other wolves have to be the ones who can protect the pack and keep it going. Beck recruited more young wolves so that they would be set for another ten years or so, because as the werewolves get older, they have less and less months out of the year as humans, until they eventually just stay a wolf. Beck knows that it is his last year as a human at all, and that he will no longer be able to protect the pack or keep his house going. The newly created wolves will have to do it for him. 

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