Why did Beatrice Leep take Roy home?

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While Roy is in the janitor's closet with Dana Matherson, about to be pulverized, Beatrice Leep steps in and rescues him. After she partially disrobes the bully and ties him to the flag pole, she takes Roy home on a stolen bicycle. Roy has missed his bus. Roy is surprised Beatrice wants to go to his house, but it turns out she needs medical supplies and wants to get them from Roy. She and Roy lie to Roy's mother about going to Beatrice's house to work on a science experiment. In reality, they go to the junkyard where Mullet Fingers is living in an old Jo-Jo's ice cream truck. The boy has been injured. He has infected and swollen dog bites on his arm. Mullet Fingers was bitten by one of the guard dogs on the Mother Paula's property when he was putting his cottonmouth snakes through the chain link fence. Beatrice chooses Roy to help her with her step-brother's injuries because Roy is the only person who knows anything about Mullet Fingers and because Roy has previously shown interest and compassion toward the boy by trying to track him down and provide him with sneakers to wear.

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