Why did Badua disagree with Anowa when she said she wanted to marry Kofi Ako?

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bmadnick eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Badua insists that Kofi Ako is good-for-nothing and insults his family. I think part of her anger is directed toward Anowa because she refused to marry when she was supposed to and she turned down the marriage proposals of the other young men who asked her.

gbenga | Student

Before marriage is attempted in the traditional african society,the parents investigate the family background of their prospective son or daughter- in- law for traces of any anomalies like mental illness, quarellsomeness,impotency, barreness,etc. In Kofi's case the trait is indolence as it is implied in Badua's remark "...should i be the one whose daughter wud want to marry this fool...This- i-am -the-handsome-one-with-a-stick-btw-my-teeth-in-the-market-place..." The typical african market opens in the evening but Kofi is portrayed as having a chewing stick btw his teeth at this time pointing to the fact that he just got out of bed.His quest for a easy way out in form of suggesting "protection" and his becoming a slave master go along way in validating Badua's fears.

notiacs | Student

there is an african saying that what an elder see sitting, a child cannot evn when he climbs the tallest tree. Badua fails with Anowa in many decisions she makes concerning her daughter's life. However, her motherly instincts kick in as she recognizes the good for nothingness in Kofi Ako. at the end of the play, she is proved right.

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