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Why did the author choose this titled? Anne Moody "Coming of Age in Mississippi"?

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Anne Moody's title helps to reveal much about the scope and focus of her work.  On one hand, the work is a coming of age narrative set in Mississippi.  This helps to reveal the multiple levels present within this bildungsroman.  The ideas of Moody "coming of age" as a person of color, as a woman, and as someone in a challenging economic condition all help to develop the idea that multiple narratives can emerge in the maturation process.  Moody's work is fairly significant because it explores how different forces come to define one's sense of self.  In a time period where individuals focused on one social characteristic, for example, being Black in America, Moody's work and title help to bring out the idea that human consciousness is formed by the impact of multiple levels of experience.  It is this experience of multiple and simultaneous identity formation elements that help to allow us to "come of age."

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