Why did the author choose "Bigger" as the name of the protagonist in Native Son?

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Some scholars have suggested Wright gave him this name because of its similarity in sound to the n-word. There is no way of verifying this, but if this was indeed the reason for his choice, it suggests that Wright sees Bigger as representing the stereotype of the African-American male which the oppressive white society has created. In his introductory essay to the novel, Wright indicates that he has, throughout his life, seen many "Biggers"—black men who openly defied the racist system but often committed criminal acts in doing so. Such men conformed to the bigoted thoughts and fears of the white majority; tragically, so does Bigger in Native Son.

Though the act of killing Mary Dalton is basically accidental, it is the result, in this case, of a black man being placed in a situation he cannot control. The behavior of both Mary and...

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