Wonder Questions and Answers
by R. J. Palacio

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Why did Auggie get upset at dinner in Wonder? After he goes to his room, why don't things go as he expects? Explain.

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In chapter 86, Auggie's mother discovers that Via is in the school play and is angry at her daughter for not telling her anything about it. Auggie overhears their argument and listens as Via accuses her mother of not being interested in her for the majority of her childhood.

In the next chapter, Auggie's family sits down to eat dinner, and he asks if they are all going to see Via's school play together. Auggie's mother responds by telling him that he will not be interested and says that Dad will go to the play while she stays home with him. Via becomes angry because she wants her father to go to the play and Mom announces that they must "weigh everyone's feelings."

When Auggie asks what she is talking about, his mother attempts to dismiss her comments, and he guesses the truth. Auggie calls his mother and Via liars—he recognizes that Via doesn't want him to go to the play because she is embarrassed by him. Auggie knows that Via doesn't want her friends to see him and runs to his room.

While Auggie is in his room, he expects that his mother will eventually come in and comfort him. However, things do not go as expected, and Auggie learns that Daisy is being taken to the emergency room. Daisy's illness supersedes Auggie's situation, and the family comes together to say their final goodbyes to their beloved dog.

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