Why did the author write The Outsiders?

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Author S. E. Hinton has given many interviews about her first published book, The Outsiders. In the book, the story is told by a young narrator, Pony Boy, who lives with his two older brothers and is a member of the Greasers. The Greasers do not get along with the rival group, the Socials (or Socs). The author has said that she was prompted to write the book because such a disparity and rivalry existed in her school when she was growing up and it made her angry.

Hinton was a member of the group comparable to the Greasers. The Greasers lived primarily in lower-income neighborhoods compared to the more affluent Socs. Similar to Pony Boy, Hinton was a good student and interested in her studies and in literature. She actually began writing at a very early age, and she completed The Outsiders by the time she was still a teenager.

After a Greaser friend of hers was beaten up as he walked home from school, Hinton wrote a short story about the incident. Eventually, given her strong feelings about the...

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