In "The Egypt Game," why does April come to Casa Rosada?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

April is sent by her mother to live with her paternal grandmother at the Casa Rosada. 

April's "beautiful and glamorous mother", Dorothea, is a single parent and an actress.  She is on tour a lot, and essentially doesn't have time for her daughter, so she sends April to live "with a grandmother she hardly (knows)".  Dorothea has promised that "it (will) only be for a little while...only until things (get) more settled down and she (isn't) on tour so much of the time", but there are clues that April's time at Casa Rosada will be of an indefinite length.  Her grandmother, who used to live "in a tiny super-modern apartment, like a cell", has moved to Casa Rosada specifically "so that (April) (can) have a bedroom of her own", and, although she has promised otherwise, Dorothea rarely calls or writes (Chapter 2).