Why did Anne Frank revise her diary?

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By the time she decided to revise her diary, Anne had already filled up the checkered diary she had been given as a gift. One day in the spring of 1944, Anne heard a speech by the Dutch Secretary of Education, Culture and Sciences in Exile. He urged people to keep records of their experiences under German occupation. It was then that Anne decided to revise her diary to reflect what it was like to live in hiding. She polished the text in hopes that it would someday be published. According to the official Anne Frank web site, she managed "to fill 324 loose sheets with her careful rewrite" in only 10 weeks.

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anne frank wanted to revise the diary not exactly of how her life was in hiding but to reflect it she fixed the diary up because someday dead or alive she would get it published and(she was trying to write a novel too)

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