Slavery and Servitude in the Colonies

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Why did the American South feel they needed slave labor?

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The Southern Colonies of Maryland, Virginia, Carolina, and Georgia were blessed with a warm climate, long growing season, fertile soil, and plenty of rainfall. Because of their climate, large plantations became the way of life, and the extensive use of labor was required to work on the plantations. The Southern colonists tried using the Native Americans, but they often died in large numbers due to the European diseases that the colonists brought with them to America. The colonists also used indentured servants for work on the plantations, but that became expensive, and many of the indentured servants left to start their own farms, since land was easily available. It was difficult for the plantation owners to find labor, and the death rate among workers was high. As a result, the Southern plantations, which grew quickly, turned to African slaves. Slavery became synonymous with plantations and led to their success.

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