Why did the American colonies need Britain and why did they not?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There were people who believed the American colonies needed Britain.  They believed that Britain offered them things that the colonies would have trouble providing on their own.  For example, the British offered the colonies military protection.  The British military was very strong.  The colonies really didn't have much of a military.  The British offered the colonies an established form of government.  This government had a structure and a system of governing.  Some people felt the colonies would have trouble establishing their own system of government.  Finally, the British offered the colonies a strong economic system.  The British economy was well established and advanced, and this system was beneficial to the colonies.

Other people believed the colonies didn't need the British.  They felt the British economic system was stacked in favor of Britain.  These people believed the colonies would be far better off economically if they had their own economic system.  These people also believed the colonies were ready for self-government.  They had learned a great deal from the many years of British rule, and they believed they were now ready to be on their own.  Finally, many people believed the British were violating their rights.  They believed Britain wouldn't stop doing this until the colonies were free from British rule.

People in the colonies had different viewpoints about the need for the British government.