The Grievances of the Colonists

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Why did the American colonies choose to declare independence?

The American colonies chose to declare independence because of the worsening political ties between the colonies and the British government, which had been placing stricter regulations on the colonies while extracting steeper taxes.

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In the Declaration of Independence, the Revolution is framed as a revolt against tyranny. In it, government is understood as contractual in nature, having been originally created for the purpose of safeguarding natural rights. The revolutionaries accused Britain of having broken that contract, acting as an oppressive force where the colonies were concerned. On these grounds, they argued, revolution was a morally justified action.

Moving beyond the realm of argumentation and discourse, you must understand that the American Revolution emerged out of a very gradual escalation of tensions which unfolded over years. It was ultimately shaped out of the transformations which came about from the French and Indian War (itself part of a much larger, global struggle known as the Seven Years' War), which had only ended in 1763.

The experience of the Seven Years' War had left Britain facing severe financial strain. This led it to become far more interventionist within colonial matters than it had...

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