Why did America, Britain and others invade Iraq in 2003?Why did America, Britain and others invade Iraq in 2003?

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This question should have gotten you political answers. I'm actually surprised it didn't. Have we moved past this debate? On one side, Bush supporters will tell you that there were weopons of masss destructon in Iraq and we had to go end the tyranny there. This argument (arguments) never made sense to me, since there was no evidence of WMDs and there are plenty of other places we could free from tyranny.
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This is a question with many possible answers.  In fact, in the winter of 2003, I was teaching International Relations and I structured my whole class around the idea that the US was going to invade Iraq and that we, as a class, needed to understand why.  We used the various reasons for invading Iraq to look at various theories of international relations.

The major reasons for invading Iraq were:

  • The belief that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.
  • The belief that Saddam Hussein would use those WMD in ways that would destabilize the region.
  • The fact that the region is vital to both the American economy and the economy of the whole world (because of oil).
  • The belief that Iraq had been involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and might help with further attacks.
  • The desire to rid the region and the world of a brutal dictator.

All of these were major reasons cited for invading Iraq.

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