Why did all the neighbors come to visit Rakesh's family?

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The neighbors come to visit the house of Rakesh's family because Rakesh has just finished top of the list in the country's medical school examinations. This is a very special occasion, not just for Rakesh and his family, but for the local community as well. It's fair to say that no one's ever seen anything quite like it in his neighborhood and community. Indeed, Rakesh is the first in his family to receive an education. There seems little doubt that this level of education is quite an uncommon scenario among the neighboring families, too.

For the whole of this wonderful day, a steady stream of visitors makes it way into the little yellow house at the end of the road. There they congratulate Rakesh's parents on their son's remarkable success and congratulate Rakesh himself. The whole house and garden are quickly filled with the sights and sounds of a festival, with beautiful garlands, party clothes, and gifts everywhere to be seen.

Although there's no doubting the sincerity of the neighbors' congratulations, perhaps some of them are thinking about the possibility of marrying off their daughters to such an eligible young man. Now that Rakesh is about to become a doctor in the United States, he will be a very good marriage prospect indeed.

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