Why is the diary of Anne Frank so well known ?

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The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank has become so well-known because it serves as a moving first-hand account of the Holocaust and because it is also a "coming-of-age" story set within a tumultuous time. Anne Frank, a Jew, wrote the diary for more than two years while her family was hiding from the Nazis in a small annex. Unfortunately, her diary was cut short because the Nazis discovered them and placed them in concentration camps, in one of which Anne later died.

Anne wrote much about how difficult it was to live in such a confined space while in constant fear of being discovered and imprisoned, but she also wrestled with topics which all children do, such as puberty and religion. Because of this, young people across the world have found themselves able to relate to and empathize with Anne. Consequently, The Diary of a Young Girl is an excellent way for teenagers to learn about the horrors of the Holocaust. 

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