Why is the description of Faust so general? it doesn't go over acts or scenes, and the character analysis only looks at 3 characters of Faust part 1.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The summary of Faust by Johann Goethe does, in fact, cover all of the acts of the play.  If you have a paid subscription, you can view a full summary. A free subscription only gives you partial access to the features of the eNotes site. More importantly, the summary is intended to guide you and help you as you read through the play on your own. It should not intended as a substitute for reading the play.

Many students do find reading complex literary works written before the 20th century difficult. A good way to use the eNotes summary is to copy it to paper or a word processing file, and then expand on the summary for yourself as you read through the play.

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