Why is Daniel let down by the robberies that take place based on Joel's information?

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In Chapter 16, Rosh gives Joel the directive to find out the names of the guests who will be attending Mattathias' banquet. Joel ends up selling baskets of fish to the servants for the banquet and listens to their conversations regarding who will be in attendance. At the beginning of Chapter 17, Daniel learns that Rosh and his men robbed the five wealthiest families in Galilee while they were at Mattathias' banquet. The villagers begin to complain that Rosh has gone too far and that they will never see one penny of the money Rosh stole. Daniel mentions that at first his spirit soared when he found out about the robberies, but by the end of the day, Daniel felt dull and let down. Daniel felt that Joel's information should have gone to a nobler, more worthy cause instead of looting rich men's houses. Daniel begins to wonder if it was worth Joel missing hours from his study to embark on such a dangerous mission.

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