Why does Daniel feel uneasy while waiting for the man Rosh had sent him to rob in The Bronze Bow?  

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Daniel had lost his father, uncle and later his mother, attributing their deaths to unjust Roman rule. His only sister seemed to have lost her mind, and his grandmother lived in abject penury. These unfortunate events forced his grandmother to sell him into slavery.Daniel escaped slavery and joined Rosh’s rebellion headquartered in the mountains around Galilee.

Daniel and Rosh shared the same resentment for the Romans and only wished death upon them. However, Rosh was not forthright in his endeavors and often robbed the Jews claiming it was necessary to support their rebellion. To some extent Daniel believed him until he met Jesus and encountered the different message he preached.

Rosh sent Daniel on an errand to rob an old Jewish traveler known to carry gold on his journey. Daniel felt uneasy because of the conflict between what he had learned from Rosh and what he knew about right and wrong. With regards to the robbery, Daniel felt it was the wrong thing to do, but he justified his actions based on Rosh’s ideas. Further, the mission required that he kill the man he robbed.

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