Why does Daniel feel like everything he's cared about and worked towards is being threatened by Leah?   

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According to Rosh, Daniel has a soft spot which holds him back from being the fierce, loyal Zealot that he could potentially become. After Simon brings Daniel the news that his grandmother is dying, Daniel returns to the village to find out that his sister is possessed by demons once again. Unlike the other villagers, who fear Leah, Daniel is sympathetic towards his sister. He remembers all of the fun times they had when they were younger and recalls her radiant personality. Daniel realizes that he needs to sacrifice his life on the mountain to return to the village in order to take care of Leah. Although he does not want to leave Rosh's band on the mountain, he cannot stand to see his sister in such a terrible condition. He feels like everything he's worked towards for the last five years has been threatened by her. Instead of making weapons and robbing caravans for Rosh, he will have to provide for Leah in the village. After his grandmother dies, Daniel travels back up the mountain and informs Rosh that he will be living in the village in order to take care of Leah.

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