Why is cycle time very important in the manufacturing industry?  

krishna-agrawala | Student

Cycle time in manufacturing industry refers to the total time it takes to complete any specified manufacturing or allied operation. Cycle times can be used for many different types of operations. For example we can study the cycle time for a small task such as fixing a wheel on a car during the car assembly operation or we can consider the complete assembly of car as one single operation. Cycle times may be used for non-manufacturing operations also - for example, cycle time for reordering a part stocked in store, or the cycle time for launching  new product in the market starting from the concept stage to actual launch in the market.

Cycle times play a very important role in planning and controlling activities in any industries. The list of all the uses of cycle time in manufacturing industries will become too long to be included here. Given below are some illustrative uses of cycle time.

  • Production planning
  • Productivity measurement and control
  • Incentive payments
  • Inventory planning
  • Process design.