Why couldnt Nick get anyone to attend Gatsby's funeral?

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No one really was close with Gatsby. No one knew him beyond being an acquaintance. His party crowd just used him for the parties, his wealth and social standing: being associated with him. In fact, no one really knew him at all. His entire role as Gatsby was a facade. His whole personality, while it may have held traces of his actual personality, was made up. More to the point, no one went to his funeral, because the people Gatsby knew were shallow, self-serving snobs. When Gatsby died, they most likely looked for the next party house. Gatsby's only real friends were Nick and Daisy: both of whom knew the real man: Gatz.

jcvickery eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jay Gatsby was a figment of his own time and place - hardly substantive.  No one knew who James Gatz was.  When he gave way to the persona of Jay Gatsby is when the real death occured.  The funeral that Nick tried to get people to attend would have been more appropriate years ealier when Jay started seeking a reunion with Daisy.  Gatsby proves the line from Don Henley's Boys of Summer..."don't look back, you can never look back."

gabgabvh | Student

Although during Gatsby's parties there useed to be hundreds of guests, at his funeral, threre is only one : Owl Eyes. His farther is also there, a few servants, the west egg postman, and tragicly, his only real friend : Nick. Eventhough they have only known each other for a short time, the narrator is Gatsby's best friend, and therefor he is the one charged to organize his funeral. Convinced that the funeral will reunite all of the people Gatsby knew, takes the responsibility of calling all the people he would expect to attend. When he reaches Wolfsheim, it becomes clear that the gangster would not be attending the funeral in spite of their close working relationship. Perhaps this is because Wolfsheim would prefer not to be seen as an associate of Gatsby's. Nick also calls Daisy and Tom's home asking whether they will attend the funeral, only to be told they have left town with no forwarding address or set date to return home. It is implied that they are evading the investigation of Myrtle's death, as Daisy was the one to actually run her down in Gatsby's car. Morever, Nick receives a call from Klispringer, not to attend the funeral but to inquire what happened to Gatsby's tennis shoes. And of all the guests who attented Gatsby's parites, only the mysterious Owl eyes came. This demonstrates the emptiness of the American Dream. Gastby, being too inocent, was simply used with his parties not liked or appreciated, and in the end he died as Jay Gatz, alone.

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