Communications in Business Questions and Answers

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Why is communication necessary for success in business?

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Communication is necessary for success in business both from the point of view of a company and from the point of view of an individual worker.

From the individual worker’s point of view, communication is important because it will help the worker to advance up the company ladder.  One important aspect of communication is listening.  It will be very important for the employee to listen carefully to what is said by their superiors (and eventually by subordinates).  This will allow them to clearly understand what is expected of them and what the firm needs.  At all points in their career, the ability to convey their thoughts to others will be important as well.  They will need to write memos to their superiors and subordinates.  They will need to write reports.  They will need these communications skills to become top employees.

From the company’s point of view, communication is very important as well.  In particular, firms must communicate with the public or whoever their customers are.  They need to convey the message that they want to convey.  The ability to have listeners hear the message that you want them to hear is a very important aspect of communication.  By communicating well, firms will be able to gain and keep market share.

Thus, both individual employees and firms need to be able to communicate well if they are to succeed in business.

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