Why is Clint Eastwood considered an auteur director?

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wordprof eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The term, French, originated in the 1940's but became popular in the 1960’s to describe a new kind of filmmaking, an artistic creating of a film product by a person whose directing style, especially the camera work and editing, was recognizable from film to film, but also the story development and the moral “texture.”  While commercial films had a team of creative workers—writers, filmographers, directors—the auteur film was the creation of one aesthetic mind—the auteur.  Examples are JenLuc Godard (France), Federico Fellini (Italy), Ingmar Bergman (Sweden), Alfred Hitchcock (U.S.).  Their films are immediately recognizable from their camerawork and editing.  Many feel that Eastwood is that kind of filmmaker, because the morality of the stories and the way the heroes are depicted, together with his total involvement in producing the film, qualify him as an auteur.

cpeck2800 | Student

Clint is Director-composers . He is a great director but considered an ametur because he has not been in directing long enough he is a professional actor and a great one in my opinion but the only reason  hes not considered a profession director is because his skills movies and ideas were too simple and repetitive