Why is Clardy so grumpy about Jeff? Jeff is trying to do his job as a Union soldier. Clardy is such a smarticle/dimwit. Get a life Clardy! THIS IS AN AWESOME BOOK.  I ORDER YOU TO READ.  WHY?  I'M AN EVIL ALIEN FROM ZUBERKA!!!

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I think Clardy is grumpy about Jeff partly because he is just something of a jerk.  It seems that he hates anyone who seems like they're going to think or do anything like that.

But I think it's also partly because of the plot that Clardy is part of.  I think that if he is a jerk to everyone, they'll be a bit afraid of him and that will make them not be suspicious of him.

So I think it's partly a personality thing but also partly due to the fact that Clardy is being a traitor to the Union, if not to the evil aliens of Zuberka.

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