Why the Church would find the actions of Christopher Columbus unacceptable?

iklan100 | Student

Im sorry but to the best of my knowledge, the Roman Catholic Church did not find Christopher Columbus's action/s in seeking out a 'route' to the Indies (in fact to the New World) at all 'unacceptable'-- indeed, as historical evidence shows us, (a) Columbus, a very devout Catholic christian, embarked on his mission/journey with the full blessings of the Church, indeed even the day he set out August 2nd 1592, was a Roman Catholic 'feast day' and (b) he promised the Church to help them fully in their missionary work in the land/s that he would go to or visit, and help to promote and further the cause of Roman Catholicism in these areas, towards achieveing maximum conversions there. In due course, the Church in Spain and Italy also received a lot of wealth as well as success in its conversions, as a result of Columbus's mission.

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