The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story

by Joel Chandler Harris

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Why do children enjoy the story of Brer Rabbit and the tar baby?

Expert Answers

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Children generally love the genres fables and folk tales, particularly those that include talking animals as most do. Harris spins a tale that is full of elements children enjoy - humor, teasing and characters attempting to outsmart each other. The setting is vividly present in the author's words and the action in this story moves at a rapid pace, both of which provide children with a story they remain engaged in. The confrontation between characters also draws children into this tale. They can picture Brer Fox creating the tar baby through the author's expert writing and enjoy the anticipation of waiting for Brer Fox to find it. Though some may feel sorry for the rabbit, many children find his dilemma of tar-covered fur to be entertaining and humorous. 

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