In "The Lady with the Dog," why does Chekhov wait until Gurov and Anna take their first walk to describe Yalta?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The story starts out with a degree of indifference to details, this approach compliments Gurov's personality and his gives the reader the anonymous nature that the author wants us to feel from his narrator. 

Gurov, is in Yalta without his wife, even the title suggests a sense of unknowing and mystery.  And in fact, Gurov does not know that this chance encounter with the Lady will result in a life changing experience. 

When the author describes Yalta, the reader is expected to understand why two married people would be drawn to cheat on their respective spouses, they are caught up in the passion of the atmosphere.

The environment of a vacation resort explains why they have this illicit affair, which is what Gurov wants, but the twist in this story is that he ends up falling in love with Anna.   

"Little is known about Yalta save for the sultry heat, the wind, which makes people restless, and the effect of various lights, including moonlight and dawn, upon the sea. These details create an erotic and dreamy atmosphere in which the reader may understand that Anna and Gurov would have difficulty thinking clearly."

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