Why is the chapter in "Kindred" called "The Storm?"

Expert Answers
ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The "Storm" is a transitional section of the book.  Dana and Kevin are finally reunited at home, but Kevin has difficulty in adjusting to being back to the present.  His emotions are "stormy."  His is aggressive, angry, and confused.  When Dana is called back to Rufus she finds him lying in the middle of a puddle drowning during a storm.  Old man Weylin is still the same stormy personality, but during this section he dies.  Rufus blames Dana for his death and sends her to the fields.  Rufus has become his father in many ways and he begins to separate families.  This is also the section where Hagar, Dana's ancestor is born.  The story hopefully for Dana is coming to a close. She cuts her wrists in order to return home to Kevin. 

A storm is a transistor in a cold front and a warm front.  It usually means a change in the weather and this chapter is bringing big changes for Dana and Kevin.  Butler uses the symbolism to demonstrate these changes.