What makes the centrifugal force a misconception of sorts?

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justaguide eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Centrifugal force consists of two types of forces, one of which is called a fictitious force and the other is called a reactive force. The fictitious centrifugal force is one of the forces that are required to explain phenomena in non-inertial reference frames in addition to the physical forces present in inertial reference frames.

The reactive centrifugal force is due to the inertia of a body which makes a body continue in a state where it is not accelerated. When a force acts on a body that makes it move in a circular path, this force is due to another body, for example the gravitational force of attraction or the electromagnetic force of attraction between two bodies, etc. The mass on which this force is exerted and which has to move in a circular path exerts what is called a reactive centrifugal force on the other body.

The characteristics of the fictitious and reactive centrifugal forces are different with the reactive force useful in analyzing the movement of objects in a rotating reference while the fictitious force is not.