Why is caring one way to teach a child to be more compassionate?Why is caring one way to teach a child to be more compassionate? Any help with this question?

Expert Answers
mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Caring for the people around you or the people you meet teaches children that most people are a person of worth.  For example, if you are willing to tow the boat with a dead motor and people inside with no way to shore and expect no compensation from these strangers, you show that you are willing to help.  If you help students in the classroom who have not been pleasant students, it shows that you help everyone and have no favorites.  When you teach with caring by being respectful towards students when they ask the same question you just answered for the class, you model the compassionate behavior you want.  Students can feel your attitude towards them and teaching; if you are compassionate, they are more likely to follow your example.