Why is a car not a living thing?

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A car is not a living thing because it does not fulfill some key characteristics that define living things.

  • All living things are composed of cells. Unicellular organisms are composed of a single cell, while multicellular living things (such as plants, animals, and human beings) are composed of a large number of cells. A car is not composed of cells.
  • All living things grow and develop over time. We commonly see pups growing into dogs, kittens growing into cats and babies growing into adult human beings. However, there is no such growth in the case of a car. A car stays the same in size and shape over its life time.
  • Living things reproduce. That is, they give rise to another living thing similar to themselves. No such function is seen in the case of a car. A car does not give birth to a smaller car. 
  • A living thing can sense changes in the environment and adapt to such changes. Cars have limited functionality in this way (for example, a self-driving car can sense if the next car is too close and modifies its speed, etc.). 
  • Living things evolve over time, on their own. A car cannot evolve on its own; it requires engineers and designers to come up with a newer model. 

Hence, we do not consider a car to be a living thing.

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