Why can't we transfer files from an Apple laptop to other laptops?  

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It is sometimes possible to transfer files from an Apple computer to a computer with a different operating system (such as Windows or a Chrome OS), depending on the file type. Files that are composed primarily or entirely of text are the easiest files to open on different platforms. Apple’s Pages program allows users to save files in Microsoft’s “docx” format so that they can be opened on a computer that runs Windows. Apple’s Keynote and Numbers programs also allow files to be saved in Microsoft’s file formats to be opened in Powerpoint and Excel respectively.

You will want to go to File- Export, and the specify the file type you want to save to and the location you want the new file to be exported to. What changes you make to the default export settings will depend on the file type and what kind of program you want to use to open the file later. There are several tutorials available on Youtube that show the step-by-step process of saving your documents in a Windows-friendly file format.

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