Why can't we see air?What is the scientific reason?

nicoledesilva | Student

Like LOADS of gases. There are many of them, all mixed up and stuff but there are a few important ones

The atmosphere is comprised of about 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen. The rest is comprised of very small amounts of argon, carbon dioxide (about 0.03%), and other gases.

nicoledesilva | Student

Uhhh.... cuz its transparent?

Scientifically, because most of the elements that make up air don't absorb light in wavelengths that humans can see.

And technically, you can, if there's enough of it. You see something when light bounces off it, or is transformed in passing through it.


astrosonuthird | Student




But what are the elements ?

nicoledesilva | Student

I answered that cause you asked what are the elements that make air. It's okay, though.

astrosonuthird | Student

Oops! sorry! Your answer was good. ( the first answer )

astrosonuthird | Student

My question was why can't we see air?????????


I know that the atmosphere is mostly made up of notrogen ( 71% )

astrosonuthird | Student

What answer do you have loraaa?

loraaa | Student

hmm!!,, really,,, this good Q,,,  o_O

astrosonuthird | Student

Thanks! What are the elements that makes air?

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