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In Kate Mansfield's story "The Garden Party", why can't Laura finish her sentence at the end of the story?

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A representative of Kate Mansfield's style, "The Garden" party is a story where self-realization, social differentiation, coming of age, and life discoveries are thematic key elements.

Set in the home of the Sheridans, an upper-class New Zealand family, the story tells of the clan's preoccupation of producing a very delightful garden party. Following suit with the traditions of those whose wealth affords them social rights of passage, the Sheridan's "of age" daughter Laura is placed with the prestigious responsibility of acting as the hostess of such party.

Along with this sudden placement of responsibility, Laura also experiences other things for the first time in her life. She begins to understand and notice the marked differences between her family and the rest of the world which surrounds her. She notices that there is richness, garden parties, and fancy...

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ferdy33 | Student

i think that is the purpose of the story .. for you to think the end of the phrase .. and for you to end the story .. :D 

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