Why can't I deal with healthy food? What do I have to do to stay away from junk food? I am not a fan of healthy food. For some reason, I only love junk food even though it is not good for my body....

Why can't I deal with healthy food? What do I have to do to stay away from junk food?

I am not a fan of healthy food. For some reason, I only love junk food even though it is not good for my body. I need to eat healthier, but am unsure how to do so. 

Please help.

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It is OK to have junk food on occasion. Staying away from all "junk" foods can lead to cravings which can become uncontrollable. Study the food pyramid and select SMALL Portions at each level.  Eating healthy has a lot to do with portion size, and not just choices of what you eat. Eat large portions of your favorite fruit and vegetables, and small of grains, meat and dairy. Then add your favorite snack or dessert once daily or on  special occasions.

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You should really try to experiment with less processed foods. Cancer and heart disease are linked to processed foods with saturated fats and preservatives. Try preparing more fruits and vegetables, seafood and poultry rather than greasy fried foods. Look at the overweight and unhealthy people all around you and decide that you only have one body and it should be treated with respect.

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We are creatures of habit. Eating is no different, we develop eating habits over the years, some are good and some are bad. Changing any habit takes effort and time because you have to modify your behavior. Some find this quite challenging.

Start out slow, make a conscious effort everyday to eat something that you know is healthy, like an apple or orange or whatever you like. Over time, you will find that your body will slowly start to crave the more healthy choices rather than the junk food.

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I'll try this.... I eat pretty healthy foods for the most part, and I used to eat junk food (esp. Doritos) all the time. I didn't make the switch all at once, but it was gradual. The main issue is that eatig is habitual - you have certain eating habits that you follow without thinking. This is true whether you eat healthy foods or unhealthy foods. So what needs to be done is to change the habit from one where you regularly eat junk food (and maybe the occasional carrot or apple) to one where you eat mainly healthy foods (and maybe the occasional nacho chip).

The first thing - get a notebook and start keeping a record of what you eat and when over the course of a week. Once you know what your eating habits are, then you can work on them.

For me, I went through a phase where I had little money and was on my own for meals - and found that I could cook things like baked potatoes and other vegetables much more cheaply than just about anything else. I also noticed I tended to feel better when eating vegetables regularly than when eating nachos regularly (can you tell by now I pretty much used to live on nacho chips???).

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You need to fine healthy alternatives to replace the junk food you are craving. this is difficult to start with but I have found the longer you can stay with it the less you want the junk food and that the junk food eventually does not even taste as god to you as it once did.

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First, I don't believe you need to eliminate all junk foods. If you do a bit of research on the food you eat, you might be able to eliminate the worst of the worst, and still find that you can keep some of your favorites. Secondly, you should try some of the more healthy foods and determine which ones you actually can tolerate. I'll bet you find some you like; when you do, eat these often and keep trying new healthy foods to widen your scope. Hopefully, you can find a happy medium.

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Because humans evolved long-term in an environment in which fats and carbohydrates were scarce, we are sort of programmed to crave those foods. BUT--it is also an addiction. You may not believe it, but if you give your body an honest chance with healthy foods, you will not only start to crave those instead, but hugely fatty and sugary foods will start to look gross. Seriously! Those of us who eat healthy foods are not constantly battling with cravings for junk--we have lost our desire for it. You *have* to give your body a chance to get used to the good stuff, though...probably 4-6 weeks. You not only won't crave the crap, but you will feel so much better you will not believe it.

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Most diet experts agree that, as people have already stated here, subsitution foods are essential in weening one's self off junk food. The example of rice cakes for potato chips comes to mind.

Ultimately, you're talking about behaviors and cravings. As with any situation of this sort, it's much easier to modify the behavior than it is to eliminate the cravings.

Set a goal of weight loss which is measurable, or of specific foods to eliminate.

My advice would be to first learn what new behaviors (healthy food choices, etc) you are going to implement, identify the specific behaviors you're attempting to avoid (eating junk food) and try to act in accordance with your goal of weight loss. Don't expect to "like" healthy food or begin to "dislike" junk food, at least not initially.

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One of the first things we need to understand is that eating healthy is not about a diet. It’s about a lifestyle change. Another thing we need to be aware of is why we eat what we eat. Do we eat for comfort, out of anger, fear, etc. Then start making those lifestyle changes. A good resource is The Ultimate Weight Solution. One book walks you through the mental aspect of the changes, and the other walks you through the set up of a complete, appropriate, and healthful lifestyle. And believe me, the longer you eat healthy foods and cut out the bad, the less and less your body will want those bad foods that are oh, so good. In fact the longer you keep up a healthy eating lifestyle, the less appetizing those bad foods will taste.

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Dealing with eating the wrong stuff is difficult, and different things work for different people.

In my opinion (things that have helped me)

First thing to do is figure out which junk food you're going after -- is it stuff you buy and then eat at home or are you going and getting stuff out of the candy machine or what?

Then try to find ways to be unable to get that stuff.  If you go after the candy machine all the time, leave your money at home.  If you are eating at home, see if you can get whoever does the shopping not to buy junk food.

As far as eating healthier food, don't tell yourself that you just have to eat salads all the time.  There's plenty of healthy food that tastes good.  Look at websites that have recipes for healthier food --that's my first advice.

This will probably get moved to a discussion board.  Get on and give us more info --the more we know, the more we can suggest things that will work for your specific situation.

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You need to fine healthy alternatives to replace the junk food you are craving. this is difficult to start with but I have found the longer you can stay with it the less you want the junk food and that the junk food eventually does not even taste as god to you as it once did.

Excellent answer.

Agree 101%

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lols! ....ineresting question!!!

Everyone has this question in their minds...

same with me.. . I love Junk food..

Pray that we;ll be healthy even if we eat junk food:)

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Why can't I deal with healthy food? What do I have to do to stay away from junk food?

i dont love healthy food i only love junk food but thats not ok for my body i must stay healthy but i dont know how.

keep it out of the house for the healthy food part add it to soups like chicken noodle and have salads with low cal dressing

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This is a struggle for me aswell however when I was at my ideal weight what helped me mentain it most was... Not cutting out the sweets but allowing myself to eat them once a week.I chose the day and even if i were offered sweets before then I either would turn them down or save them for that day .It  wasn't easy and took a lot of will power and determination.

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junk foods are nothing but a foundation of obessity. i know they are difficult to resist, but we need to have grip on our nerves. healthy food can be a matter of attraction only if a goal is set in mind. first motive must be an ideal weight that you need to attain, secondly its good if you take a companion too to follow the diet plan, if no one is there to assist you then no problem!!! accumulte self power in yourself. while leaving home grab an apple, or any other fruit with this take handful of nuts stuff them in ur bag and take along. on feeling hungry eat any of those things. try not staying epmty stomached for a long time, this increases weight. additionly, carry a water bottle with you, this helps to maintain good skin and good weight. junk food on other hand  if cant be avoided then they could be lessened. treat would be fine once a week only. try adjusting to the new menu hope you'll feel comfortable with your new life style.

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