The Sniper Questions and Answers
by Liam O’Flaherty

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Why can the sniper not use his rifle?

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The sniper makes himself totally vulnerable to the other shooter on the opposite roof when he rises to shoot at the man in the armored car and the old woman, an informer, speaks to the man and points up to the rooftop where the sniper is hidden. Although the sniper succeeds in killing the man and the woman informer, the other shooter manages to get a good shot at him, and he drops his rifle to the ground. He tries to pick it up, but he cannot lift it because he has been wounded in the arm. "'I'm hit,'" he says to himself.

He feels his wounded right forearm with his left hand, and he can feel the blood "oozing" through his sleeve. The sniper quickly comes up with a plan to get the other shooter to expose himself so that the sniper can shoot him and make his escape by morning. He cannot use the rifle because it would require the use of both of his hands, and he cannot move the right one. He will have to use his revolver because it is so much smaller and lighter. He tricks the other shooter into believing that he is dead, and then he quickly takes his shot, killing the other man.

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