Why can't Max sleep in Freak the Mighty?

In chapter 10 of Freak the Mighty, Max can't sleep, because he is anxious about the treasure hunt that he and Freak are going on in the early hours of the morning. There is also a cricket chirping in his room that becomes quite the distraction.

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In chapter 10 of Freak the Mighty, Max is having trouble falling asleep. He is anxious and excited because he and Freak are preparing to go on a quest at three in the morning. Earlier that day, Freak had informed Max that he has located some sort of treasure down a storm drain to the sewer. Freak had told Max that three o'clock in the morning will be the best time to retrieve the treasure because it is the darkest time of the night. They will also dress in black and darken their faces with dirt to be as stealthy as possible.

Even though Max sets an alarm to wake him up at two o'clock in the morning, he finds that he is too restless to fall asleep because he keeps "waiting for the alarm to go off." He wonders if Freak was telling the truth about the treasure in the sewer or if it is just some fanciful adventure he dreamed up. It does not help that there is a cricket in the room, whose chirping is further distracting Max. He spends much of the night occupying himself by fruitlessly hunting down the cricket. At 2:30 a.m., Max gives up on the idea of sleep or catching the cricket and goes to wait outside of Freak's window.

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