Why can't Heidi remember where she is when she wakes up?

When Heidi wakes up at the beginning of chapter 3, she cannot remember where she is. Her life changed so completely the previous day, and she is still adjusting to her surroundings.

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In chapter 3 of Johanna Spyri's Heidi, the young protagonist wakes up in the hayloft of her grandfather's house on the mountain. She is only five years old, and her life has changed drastically in the past twenty-four hours, following her arrival in Dorfli. For these reasons, Heidi looks round her in astonishment and cannot initially remember where she is. Her surroundings are quite unlike anything she has experienced before, and it is only when she hears her grandfather's voice that she recalls coming to live with him the day before. To her great delight, he had allowed her to choose where she would like to sleep, and she selected the hayloft, where she has woken in the midst of golden sunlight shining on golden hay.

Although Heidi only arrived the day before, she has already made herself thoroughly at home, and her grandfather, who initially seemed a gloomy and irascible figure, has started to become fond of her. It takes Heidi very little time to adapt to her new situation, and this initial uncertainty about where she is, which the author covers in a single sentence, is one of the few indications that she has any hesitation at all in embracing her new life in the mountains.

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