Why a butterfly leave its colour when we hold it? Biology

sciencesolve | Student

The reason a butterfly may lose its color after it is hold by someone is the lose of scales, which are responsible with the color of wings of butterflies.

You should know that the wings of butterflies are covered by overlapping scales and this arrangement of scales produces all the nuances of colors, of all intensities.

You also should know that if the butterfly is not hold gently, it will lose not only its color, but the ability to fly, since the scales give strength to the wings of a butterfly.

Hence, you need to touch gently a butterfly to maintain its ability to fly and its color.

pranitingale | Student

♠ The wings are made of two membranes with a network of stiff veins between the layers. The scales covering the wings give butterflies and moths their distinctive colors and patterns.

Scales may contain pigments like those found in skin or fabric that give them their color. Ridges and furrows on the scales may also diffract light like a prism, producing metallic and iridescent hues called structural colors. The scales rub off easily when their wings are touched.

♠ so, taking of care while holding or touching is essential as it can affect their flight and their resistance to the environment,

♠ carelessness can also give harm to the veins inside their wings


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