Why is business so important to a country's development?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Business is important to a country’s development because business can improve a country’s economy and, thereby, help with the process of development.  However, businesses can, at times, harm a country’s development.

We must remember that “development” does not typically refer simply to economic output.  Instead, it refers also to things like quality of life.  As a country becomes more developed, its people come to have higher literacy rates, lower infant mortality, more telephones, a less corrupt government and other such things that are not exactly economic development. 

Business can help or hinder these sorts of development.  Business can bring more money and more economic activity to a country.  It can employ more people.  This will mean that more people have the money to send their children to school.  It means they will have the money to afford medical care for pregnant women and the children that they bear. 

However, business can harm a country’s development.  If the business is not conducted properly, it can do things like leading to more corruption in government.  Bribes can be paid to government officials.  The money then goes to help entrench political systems that retard development.  In these ways, business can be very important to a country’s development in either good or bad ways.