Why does Bud think that the man in the flyer is his father in Bud, Not Buddy?

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Bud incorrectly assumes the man in the flyer is his father because of a distant memory.  Before Bud’s mother dies, she sees this particular blue flyer and becomes very distraught at seeing it.  Because Bud’s mother becomes upset, Bud thinks that the man mentioned there must be Bud’s father.  This blue flyer is now contained in the tattered suitcase that houses all of Bud’s treasures.  All of the treasures are somehow connected to Bud’s mother and father.  The treasures are as follows:  a picture of his mother riding a horse, a set of stones with writing on them in a tobacco bag, a fuzzy blanket, and the blue flyer announcing Herman E. Calloway’s latest jazz band performance.  Bud is correct in assuming each item provides a “clue” to his parents, but is incorrect about the specifics.  Later in the novel, the reader finds out that the “grumpy old man” from the flyer, Herman E. Calloway, is actually Bud’s grandfather.  Angela Janet Caldwell (Bud’s mother) is Calloway’s daughter.

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